A Message from the Management

President & Chief Executive Officer | Kengo Fukui

President & Chief Executive Officer

Kengo Fukui

Our corporate philosophy of "Trust and Innovation Toward a Bright Future" is the articulation of our company's ubiquitous stance.

The real estate we handle are unique and ultra-premium properties that are different from the usual mass-produced properties. In light of that, we consider are customers' "trust" as an essential element when entering into such transactions as sales and leasing. To earn that trust, it is necessary to constantly look at things from the customer's perspective and the "innovate" products and services they are seeking. We believe that continuing this cycle will enable us to forge a path of steady development toward the "future".

The values and needs of customers change constantly with the times. Our company strives to properly catch and flexibly handle these changes. The trust of our customers is given the highest value, and we will continue with our unwavering commitment to creating innovation everyday in whatever era, opening the door to the future.

Our company halted its listing in the stock exchange and embarked upon a fresh start following the business restructuring moves of Tokyo Tatemono Group in FY2015. As a result, we managed to further deepen our alliance with Tokyo Tatemono and its group companies, as well as build a system that will be able to fully demonstrate our collective strength as the Tokyo Tatemono Group.

As a real estate distributor, our company serves as the front desk of the entire group, as we have many opportunities to directly interact with our customers through our offices. We formulate the best solutions based on our group's diverse businesses and then offer one-stop, comprehensive solutions that will address the needs of customers. Simultaneously, we capture what customers really think and relay such information to our group companies in a bid to contribute to the creation of products and services ahead of their time. With our company fulfilling a hub-like function between the customers and our group companies, we believe that our group will be able map out optimization and take full advantage of our dynamic work synergy.

Standing on the front lines of the Tokyo Tatemono Group, Tokyo Tatemono Real Estate Sales Co., Ltd., will continue to formulate compelling solutions that are better and more highly regarded while the dealing with clients.

We hope that you will continue to look forward to the future activities and projects of our company and the Tokyo Tatemono Group.