1. Business Prospectus

Business Prospectus

Tokyo Tatemono Real Estate Sales Co., Ltd. provides one-stop, optimum solutions that capitalize on the collective strength of Tokyo Tatemono's 120 years of business experience and its group companies. Together with our experts in each field, we will provide the best services for all your needs related to real estate.

Segment Information


Listening to and discovering customers' thoughts
Brokerage services for offices, stores and homes

We meticulously respond to the various needs of customers through such services as wholesale brokerage that supports the real estate needs of corporate customers, and retail brokerage that helps individual customers relocate. Our comprehensive system not only provides abundant and timely information on properties, but also supports surveys, contracts and follow-up services.

figure: Brokeragefigure: Brokerage

Real estate investments

Maximizing the potential of real estate
The power of asset solutions

Applying our company's specialty, we choose and acquire properties through our discriminating taste cultivated through our wholesale brokerage services, and enhance the value and profitability of these properties through the know-how and various techniques of the Tokyo Tatemono Group before resale.

figure: Real estate investmentsfigure: Real estate investments

Property management

Experience and track record are indispensable.
Full support through various leasing know-how and techniques.

How should owned real estate properties be used in order to steadily build assets? We live in an era when major differences emerge in real estate depending on how they are used. By providing holistic support to the management of leased apartments and office buildings that supports medium and long-term asset formation and business, we will help build future security.

figure: Property managementfigure: Property management